• 27 Sep 2023
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Article Summary

Some of the most important displays on airports are arrival and departure flight lists, commonly referred to as FIDS displays. These are used both by passengers and internal staff, with dedicated flight lists with extra information.

Creating a flight list can be very time-consuming but we believe that the Simpleway CX List tool simplifies building flight lists by repeating one line design over and over again.

Topics covered:
Templates tab - Designer - List widget row template editor

Sample screen:


A) Design new content in the Templates tab - see how to do this in the Create basic STATIC content tutorial.

B) Add a new List to your canvas and start configuring it. 

Tip: You can use one of the flight list templates we have prepared for you in the Templates tab in the blue Simpleway Templates folder.

  1. Click on the Widgets icon in the top menu bar and choose List.
  2. Place the List element on the canvas.
  3. Click on the Row Template Editor button on the right-hand side menu to start editing.
C) A window will appear to create and name your New Row Template.
  1. Click on the New Row Template button on the lower right-hand side.
  2. Name your row template and click the Save button.
D) At this point, your designer window will switch into Subdesign mode This is a special mode of Designer used to design the contents and style of a single row of a list. You can leave this mode at any point in time by clicking Save or Back.
The row you will design here will be used as a template to render every row of your List. Two things need to be taken care of: 

  1. Click on the Canvas icon on the top right-hand menu.
  2. The size of your row template has to be adjusted so it matches your visual requirements. Most of the time, this will be the width of our main content design.
  3. We need to select a Data Source that will feed the rows in our List with data. 
E) You can set the rows to always display the same background with the "Single" option or two different backgrounds in sequence with the "Odd/Even" option.

Checkbox description:

In case of more pages in list, when the checkbox is ticked then the first row on every page is considered as odd.  When the checkbox is unticked the first row on every page may be odd or even depending on the total row number, for example, if it is set to 11 rows per page then:

  • Page 1: Rows 1-11 – first row on the page is odd
  • Page 2: Rows 12-22 – first row on the page is even
  • Page 3: Rows 23-33 – first row on the page is odd
F) After you are done with the basic row template setup, add Dynamic Text to display flight information and Dynamic Media to display airline logos. To see how to work with these elements, see TICKETING and SECURITY tutorials.

G) Click on the Save button in the lower right-hand corner when your row template is final.

H) Assign the new row template to your List.

Note: This step must always be performed when you edit the row template and return it to the Designer. 

I) After designing our row template configure your List element settings, such as a number of rows, paging, and position.
Note: Paging will start automatically when your input data has more rows than your number of rows configured on your list element.

J) If you want to modify the row template, click the blue button with the name of your row and click the three dots button, and select Edit on the row template you want to modify to open it in the row template designer.

K) Further design ideas for your Flight list display content:

      • Add your airport logo or other media from the Media library,
      • Add column headers using static text,
      • Add a rectangle to highlight the column names,
      • Change background color,
      • Add Data & Time.
      • Add visual message

L) Preview the designed template. 

Note: Flights must be available in the system to preview the flight relevant information - see the List of flights on the Flight Editor tab. 

M) Click on the Save & Publish button in the lower right-hand corner when your template is final. Now it is ready to be assigned and shown on your display.

Note: Airline logos will not show in the Designer; you need to go into preview mode to view them. 

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