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Coming soon... TransitCX for ground transportation

We have big plans, we are expanding our CustomerCX platform and soon we will have a custom product also for ground transportation as train, bus, metro, travel hubs ... Synchronized solution for passenger voice announcements and displays.

What can you expect:

  • Integration with GTFS trip data,
  • Trip route templates,
  • Trip editor for any changes or new trips,

and many more features we have already in our AirportCX and EntepriseCX solutions.

Interested? Contact us to find out more cloud@simpleway.cz

Introducing the next generation audio platform and products

We are proud to introduce our nnounce product range which is fully compatible with our AirportCX and EnterpriseCX cloud products.

Nnounce can give your cloud installation the perferct "sound" with out our:

  • audio integration platform - ionode4
  • flexible and secure amplifier - ampnode4
  • microphone stations - micnode2, micnode aux and mini.

Find out more on our nnounce website


Exciting News: we have launched New Airport CX Release 7.9!

New features in release 7.9:

GateUI & BaggageUI: Non-flight related announcement also without assigned flight can be triggered.

Proof of Play: Enhanced reports.

Noise supression: Eliminate surrounding sounds when making calls with your local microphone.

Announcement scheduler: Custom set of announcements for selection in scheduler.

Flight data provider: New flight data provider for flight integration.