VOICE introduction
  • 09 Apr 2024
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VOICE introduction

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The Simpleway cloud VOICE module enables you to play voice announcements across your airport, station or public transport network. The Simpleway system is able to communicate with many external systems, and field devices from various vendors to fulfill required use cases. Currently, the Simpleway CX system supports its nnounce platform and the QSC PA system. 

The main goal of the integration with the PA (public address) system is to fulfill the following use cases:

  • Play automated announcements,
  • Deliver pre-recorded/scheduled/TTS announcement triggered by an operator,
  • Provide the ability to schedule announcements,
  • Unify fragmented infrastructure into one controlling system and user interface.

Your airport's flight data will be integrated into your cloud instance so that you are able to play announcements including flight specific information. Flight data is managed in the Flight editor tab, and all flight-related assets are automatically retrieved from the integrated flight data and displayed in the respective tabs. You will be able to change your flight data so that your announcements are paged with correct information to your passengers in case of ad hoc changes, such as a gate change, for example.

In the following tutorials, we will first cover how to set up the communication between Simpleway system and the PA system, and then how to setup the audio configuration of your Simpleway Cloud instance. Once the setup is complete, you will have several options on how to trigger announcement playback into your audio zones depending on the purpose:

Announcement typeTriggered from locationDescription
Flight-related announcements Arrival paging and 
Departure paging tabs
Triggers flight-related announcements for selected arriving or departing flights.
Generic announcementPaging tabNon-flight related generic airport announcements.
Ad hoc announcement
Ad hoc announcements tab
Where the operator records the announcement through the computer's microphone or uses text to speech function. The announcement can then be immediately previewed and played back in the desired areas (zones). Optionally the transcript of your announcement can be shown on displays - Visual paging.
Scheduled announcementAnnouncement scheduler tabAutomated playback of generic announcements according to the preset schedule.

Role-based UIs:

GateUI and BaggageUI user interfaces will allow you to run flight-specific announcements to direct passengers to the right gate or baggage claim belt.

Our FlexUI enables you to cover any custom use case to address your audience via audio announcements. 

A generic announcement set is ready for you to play on the Paging tab but you also have the option to create and configure your own announcements in the Paging library. You can chose according to your preferencies or possibilities to create:

  • Text-to speech announcements,
  • Audio file upload,
  • Microphone recording.

Using the Queue tab, you will be able to track the progress and history of all types of triggered announcements along with their configuration information.

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