TugmanUI - baggage handling process
  • 08 Sep 2023
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TugmanUI - baggage handling process

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Article Summary

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of unloading an aircraft using the TugmanUI, which provides passengers with information on displays about where they can get their luggage.

Baggage belt information is not contained in the flight data feed, so it must be entered manually. Airline operators can assign belt numbers to flights via the Flight editor tab, and baggage area operators can do so via TugmanUI, which affects the information shown on displays that use belt and arrival list templates, and causes those flights with assigned belts to appear in BaggageUI as soon as they fit within the set BaggageUI time limits.

Once the flight is assigned to the TugmanUI, the handling personnel can change the baggage loading status in the database. This UI can be installed in each belt loading area on the touch screen computer, allowing baggage handlers to manually enter the information about the baggage they are currently handling. 

For your demo instance, access the TugmanUI by typing into your browser the URL: https://your instance access URL/tugman.For example: https://air-tyx5.simpleway.cloud/tugman

Topics covered:

Main TugmanUI screen:


A) Login 

  1. Enter the numerical PIN code by touching the respective numbers on the screen.
  2. Tap the OK button.
B) Assign belt number to a flight

  1. Tap the blue Assign button to assign the belt number of the Tugman device to the chosen flight. As a result, the button will turn green and be renamed "Unassign". Information about the assigned flight to the belt number will be shown on the belt carousel display or on any other displays. 
  2. Tap the All Assigned button to see all currently assigned flights to this belt.

    Note: Pressing the green Unassign button will delete the assigned belt number for the corresponding flight record and thus remove that flight record from the list of currently assigned flights to that belt. The flight will still remain in the Assignment
     list, allowing other Tugman devices to assign it to the appropriate belt.

C) Assignment list
  1. Tap the Close button to complete the baggage handling process of the flight. The flight will disappear from the displays in the passenger area and will be removed from the All assigned and Assignment lists, and its status will change to "Done".
  2. Return to the Assignment list by tapping the Assignment button.

Note: The First and Last buttons are used to specify additional flight attributes on the screens and tight to the templates to show most accurate information to passengers.

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