Release notes version 7.6 - December 2022
  • 21 Apr 2023
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Release notes version 7.6 - December 2022

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Article Summary

Overview of operational changes deriving from the software upgrade from version 7.5 to version 7.6.

Main changes relevant for operation:

  1. Quick assign feature - adjustment in Display tab
  2. Ad hoc announcements tab  - previous Call forward tab
  3. Release notes - new features

1. Quick assign feature - adjustment in Display tab

In Display tab after clicking on content assignment the user is asked to select what type of content he wants to choose from: 

  • Template, 
  • Scheduler, 
  • Playlist, 
  • Media.

This allows to assign in addition to Templates also to assign Content scheduler, Playlist, and Media directly to the display. Previously it had to be inserted into template and that template then assign to the display.

 NOTE: The currently assigned content will stay assigned for the displays therefore no action is needed from the Airport side.

See more in the tutorial Assign a Simpleway provided TEMPLATE to a display

2. Ad hoc announcements - previous Call forward tab

This tab expands the current Call forward tab with additional options: TTS announcements and Visual paging. The purpose of the tab is for ad hoc situations when no prepared announcement is available. The tab has 5 modes:

  • Call forward (Recorded message)
  • Call forward with visual (Recorded message + Visual paging)
  • Text to speech (TTS announcement)
  • Text to speech with visual (TTS announcement + Visual paging)
  • Visual only (Visual paging)

 For every mode, you can set repetition and priority. 

See more in the tutorials concerning Ad hoc announcements tab.

3. Release notes - new features

FeatureDescriptionTutorial links
Display banksThe display bank feature enables you to group displays and to page on them a list as for example a flight list with one assigned content. Create a DISPLAY BANK
Configure content for display bank
VideowallsVideowalls group displays to show one stretched content on the dipslays.Create a VIDEO WALL
Power save for displaysConfigure the power settings of your display devices directly from the cloud. Schedule power save mode for your displays
Add blank content
Content assignment to displaysMore options to assign directly to a display device content. Besids template assignment, now you can also assign directly:
  • media - images, videos,
  • playlists, 
  • schedules
to your displays. 
Assign media directly to a display
Online library for templatesOnline library is the Simpleway store from where you can get templates we have prepared for you. Import a Simpleway template
Tables Tables features enables you to keep your date on one place and use them on several templates.
  • Create simple references of cells on your templates, 
  • Use the table wizard to create simple tables on your templates.
  • Advanced feature is to create multiple tables on one template by using the data source tool. 
Introduction to TABLES
Create and manage your TABLES
Using individual table cells in templates
Simple table WIZARD
Multiple Tables on one Template
Data sourcesData sources go together with our talbes features as they enable to filter and customize tables. Create DATA sources for tables
Constrain DATA sources for tables
Text to Speech In the TTS library you can adjust the announcements we have prepared for you. Modify TTS announcement from library
Change location prononciation
Ad hoc announcmentsMerging all possible paging features on one tab in combination with displays and
  • Visual paging,
  • Call forward.
Ad hoc announcements - Text to speech
Ad hoc announcements - Call forward
Ad hoc announcements - Text to speech with visual
Ad hoc announcements - Call forward with visual
Ad hoc announcements - Visual only
CountdownCountdown is a simple feature to add to your contents a countdownl clock either refering to a date & time or a departure time. Put a COUNTDOWN clock on your display

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