Paging priorities
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Paging priorities

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Article Summary

Paging priorities determine the importance of announcements and as a consequence the order in which announcements are played into a zone in case of conflicting triggers. Priorities are assigned to announcements when they are triggered either manually in individual tabs or by the system. 

After connecting the audio device configuration to the QSC Q-SYS Core, you can set the priority values in the Paging priorities tab to match the priority values in Q-SYS Designer, so that the announcement plays with the expected priority triggered by the Simpleway system. 

Users can only work with the priorities that are assigned to them at the user group/role level in the Paging priorities tab. Only one priority can be set to default and it is always available to all users.

Topics covered:
  • Paging priorities tab


A) Paging priorities tab

  1. Open the Paging priorities tab. The default priority configuration will be already preconfigured, but you may need to change it to match the values from your Q-SYS Designer configuration. 
  2. Click the existing default priority configuration item.

B) Match device-specific values

  1. In the Specific device values section insert a priority numerical value from the Q-SYS Designer, which will be directly proportional to the numeric value in the Value field for your default priority.
  2. Click the Save button.

Note: The preconfigured default priority is available to all user roles.  Only one default priority can be set by clicking the Default priority checkbox. 

Additional information on matching device-specific priority values:

If you have other devices connected, you should be aware that each particular device may have a different range and interpretation of numerical priority values. One device may express higher priorities with lower numerical values, and another may express higher priorities with higher numerical values. Thus, in a Simpleway system, if we create a new priority configuration and assign it a lower numeric value in the Value field than the one set in the default configuration, we would expect that this new configuration would have a higher priority; therefore, all changes to device-specific priority values must be directly proportional to the new numeric value in the Value field to correctly follow the trend of increasing priority. For some devices, this may mean a directly proportional decrease in the device-specific numeric value, for others the opposite.

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