GateUI - boarding process announcements
  • 16 Jul 2024
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GateUI - boarding process announcements

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Article summary

GateUI is a web application used by airport personnel, such as boarding gate or transfer desk staff for playing flight-specific announcements at the gate. GateUI allows users to see the information concerning only the gate/location they actually operate, therefore, they can activate announcements for the flights assigned to their gate with very customized content and up-to-date information. It is also possible to play non-flight related general announcements from the GateUI.

IMPRORTANT: You can customize the GateUI with your announcements that follow YOUR bording process such as boarding per row, boarding class, specific airline announcement etc. 

The UI guides you through the boarding process announcements. Trigger the individual announcements as boarding progresses and in case of any irregularities the UI enables you to start to play: 

  • Delay announcement,
  • Cancel flight announcement,
  • Gate change announcement.

For your demo instance, access the GateUI by typing into your browser the URL: https://your instance access URL/gate/demo, for example: order to see flight data in GateUI, you must select the Gate asset value corresponding to the flight data in gate configuration on the UI configurations tab, please see Configure GateUI

Topics covered:
  • GateUI

Main GateUI screen:


A) Login 

  1. Enter the numerical PIN code by touching the respective numbers on the screen.
  2. Tap the OK button.

Note: You can use the other login methods listed on the right side of the login page.

B) Main GateUI screen

  1. Select the zones to which you want to transmit announcements. The button turns blue for the selected zone and white for the unselected ones.

Note: If you do not see a flight assigned to the GateUI, you should know that flight assignment is based on a preset configuration:
  • the flight appears 90 minutes before the estimated departure time and disappears 10 minutes after the estimated departure time.
  • manual flight change can be performed, see step F).
  • the Gate number is preconfigured by the administrator and you may need to verify that it is matching your physical location, as this is affecting the correctness of the flight information in the triggered announcements.

C) Boarding process
  1. Tap the Boarding category tile.

Note: To play flight related announcements use the Boarding, Delay, Cancel, and Gate Change category tiles.
To play non-flight related general announcements use the General announcements category tile.

D) Playing selected announcement

  1. Select a stage of the boarding process or navigate through stages by using the Back and Forward arrows on both sides of the navigation panel.
  2. Select an announcement from the selected stage.
  3. Tap the Play button.

Note: By clicking on the arrows, the user is navigated to the previous (left arrow) or next subcategory (right arrow). The left arrow works as a back button to return to the previous level of the category structure when the first subcategory is selected.
E) Playback process

After pressing the Play button a playback sub-window will open: 
  • it will display the announcement content in all selected languages in the preset order. The currently playing language will be highlighted and its duration displayed.
  • during the playback of an announcement you can stop playback immediately or after the current language is played using the relative Stop buttons. 
  • you may also minimize the playback sub-window, allowing you to navigate the GateUI, for example, to prepare the next announcement for playback.
  • active zones transmitting announcements are highlighted with a red button. 
Note: "Local demo" zones that are preconfigured to play to your client speakers for preview purposes are not highlighted with a red button when transmitting announcements.
F) Menu - additional features

  • Change flight: this button allows you to switch the assigned flight on the gate.
  • Change remark: by using this button you can add a preconfigured flight remark to the assigned flight or manually enter a text remark.
  • Change display status: this feature enables to change of information shown on gate information displays. They enable for example to change Boarding classes or any other relevant information if configured on the display templates.
  • Logout: Log out the user from the GateUI.

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