Create basic STATIC content
  • 04 Jul 2024
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Create basic STATIC content

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Article summary

Let's design simple static content. Static contents are typically used for:

  • wayfinding displays, showing static airline logos (such as airline customer services kiosk)
  • company information, welcome screens
  • advertisements

and many others.

Topics covered
Templates tab - Designer:
  • Static text, 
  • Background color, 
  • Content preview

Sample screen:

Download Simpleway logo


A) Create a new template

  1. Open the Templates tab.
  2. Click the New template button. 

B) A new window will open where you can name your template and select template presets. Content designed to be assigned to individual screens has 3 presets to choose from:

  • Full HD
  • 4K
  • Custom

Option 1: Full HD / 4K Preset 

  1. Name your template.
  2. Select the Full HD or 4K option from the Preset dropdown.
  3. Select the Landscape button if you wish to design content for landscape-oriented screens, for portrait-oriented screens select the Portrait button.
  4.  Click the Save button.

Option 2: Custom Preset 

  1. Name your template.
  2. Select the Custom option from the Preset dropdown.
  3. Set the resolution of the template manually.
  4.  Click the Save button.

C) Static text element

After the Template Designer window opens, you can start designing your template by inserting a Static Text element

  1. Click on the Text icon in the top menu and choose Static Text.
  2. Place the element on the canvas and double click on it to edit.
  3. To change text or style, use the menu on the right side of the screen. 
Note: If the text size is bigger than the box, enlarge your text box with your mouse or in the menu right side Size part.

D) Change the Background of your template. 

  1. Click on the Elements icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Choose Background from the Element List.

Note: There are two options: solid color fill or an image. 

Option 1: Set background color fill.

  1. Select the background type Fill.
  2. Choose a color from the color scheme.
  3. Click on the Choose button to confirm your selection.

Option 2: Set background to be an image.

  1. Select the background type Image.
  2. Click on the media icon to add a file from the Media Library.

Note: The image is stretched to the size/resolution of the template. Image resolution should match the resolution of the template to avoid unintended stretching of visual content.

After clicking the Media icon on the previous screen, the Media Library window will pop up.
Upload a new image to the library. 
  1. Click on the Upload button in the lower right-hand corner to upload an item from your PC.
  2. Choose a file from file explorer.
  3. Confirm the selection by clicking on the Open button.

Download Simpleway logo
After uploading an image to your media library, it can be used as a background.
Choose your item by clicking on the Choose button on the right-hand item end when scrolling over it.

D) Preview your content template.

  1. Click on the Preview icon on the top menu.
  2. When finished viewing, click on the OK button in the lower right-hand corner to close the window.
E) Click on the Save & Publish button in the lower right-hand corner when your content design is final. Now it is ready to be assigned and shown on your display. 

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