Configure GateUI
  • 22 Jun 2023
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Configure GateUI

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Article Summary

The UI configurations tab allows you to create and modify UI client configs, connect them to the actual devices and monitor their status in the system. In this tutorial, we will create a GateUI configuration and connect it to the client. GateUI is a platform that allows users to activate voice announcements during the boarding process, hence, appropriate zones and user access to them should already be pre-configured by your administrator. Please review the Zoning of your PA and display devices to help you prepare the zones for GateUI and assign them to users. 

Note: Either adjust to your needs the prepared gate-demo configuration or create a new configuration. 

Topics covered:
  • GateUI - UI configuration tab


A) Create a new UI configuration

  1. Open the UI configurations tab.
  2. Click the New UI configuration button.

B) Setup your GateUI configuration

  1. Name your UI configuration with a unique name.
  2. Set the Client domain type to gate.
  3. Enter the Client ID. Your Client access URL will consist of Client domain type and Client ID. 
  4. Set the UI property to GateUI.
  5. Drag & drop the desired zones from the Available zones & zone groups section to the Selected zones & zone groups section.
  6. Select the Gate value under Asset values
  7. Click the Save button. 
Note: you may find it useful to set the Client ID to the same value as the selected Gate asset value since both the Client domain type and the Client ID values will be part of the GateUI URL.
C) UI configuration status

You can check the status of your UI configuration in the Status column:
  • green icon indicates that the specific UI configuration has been assigned to the connected client/device - it is connected and successfully signed in
  • red icon indicates that the specific UI configuration is not assigned to any connected client/device - it is disconnected.
  • A "wrench" icon is displayed if the client/device is not configured - it is connected but has no UI configuration assigned to it.

D) Assigning Gate UI configuration to the client.
Login to your paging station settings and scroll down to the External application settings section:
  • Type the Gate UI URL, which should consist of your instance access URL plus two new sections at the end delimited by "/". The first section is the Client domain type and the second section is the Client ID. Example: https://your instance access URL/gate/A2
  • Tap on the Save button.
  • Tap on the Switch to Gate UI button.

Note: If there is no paging station near you, you can use the Gate UI URL in your web browser as an alternative.

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