BaggageUI - baggage announcements
  • 29 May 2024
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BaggageUI - baggage announcements

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Article summary

The BaggageUI is a web application used by airport staff such as baggage claim area supervisors. Its main goal is to provide a manual interface to trigger defined announcements in the baggage claim area and direct passengers to the correct baggage claim belts

Besids flight related announcements, the application can also play non-flight related general announcements. 

For your demo instance, access the BaggageUI by typing into your browser the URL: https://your instance access URL/baggage .For example:

Topics covered:
  • BaggageUI

Main BaggageUI screen:


A) Login 

  1. Enter the numerical PIN code by touching the respective numbers on the screen.
  2. Tap on the OK button.
Note: You can use the other login methods listed on the right side of the login page.
B) Main BaggageUI screen

  1. Select the zones to which you want to transmit announcements. The button turns blue for the selected zone and white for the unselected ones.
  2. Tap the Languages tile if you want to add or remove specific languages used in announcement playback. The list of already selected languages is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Optional: Tap the Belt tile to assign or unassign specific belts. A new Change belt window opens.

Note: If you do not see flight records in the BaggageUI, you should be aware that  flight records appear at the estimated time of flight arrival and disappear 60 minutes after that.
Optional: Change belt window

  1. Tap the Clear button to clear all assigned belts if required.
  2. Tap the Belt tiles to assign specific belts.
  3. Confirm the changes made and return to the main BaggageUI screen.

Note: To cancel the changes made close the Change belt window by tapping the "X" in the upper right corner.

C) Click the Arrival, Delay, or Change button to preselect the appropriate announcement for playback.

Note: To play non-flight related general announcements use the General announcements category tile.

D) Play selected baggage announcement

Depending on the button you clicked on the home page, the corresponding announcement will be selected for playback in the announcement triggering page. In this example, the Arrival button was clicked, which resulted in the Arrival announcement being preselected.

  1. Tap the Play button.

E) Playback process 

After pressing the Play button a playback sub-window will open: 
  • it will display the announcement content in all selected languages in the preset order. The currently playing language will be highlighted and its duration displayed.
  • during the playback of an announcement you can stop playback immediately or after the current language is played using the relative Stop buttons. 

  • you may also minimize the playback sub-window, allowing you to navigate the BaggageUI, for example, to prepare the next announcement for playback.
  • Active zones transmitting announcements are highlighted with a red button. Note: "Local demo" zones that are preconfigured to play to your client speakers for preview purposes are not highlighted with a red button when transmitting announcements. 

F) If you collapse the playback panel, you can select and prepare the next announcement that you want to play after the previous one has finished playing. Until then, the Play button will be disabled.

Return to the UI's homepage with the Home button to play further announcements.

G) General announcements
To navigate through subcategories use the arrows on both sides of the navigation panel. By clicking on the arrows, the user is navigated to the previous (left arrow) or next subcategory (right arrow). The left arrow works as a back button to return to the previous level of the category structure when the first subcategory is selected.
Optional: Filter flight list by airlines

  1. Tap the Filter tile on the main BaggageUI screen.
  2. Tap the tile of the airline by which you want to filter the flight list
  3. Confirm the changes made.

Note: To cancel the changes made close the Airline filter window by tapping the "X" in the upper right corner.

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