Assign a Simpleway provided TEMPLATE to a display
  • 20 Jun 2023
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Assign a Simpleway provided TEMPLATE to a display

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Article summary

The easiest way to get content on your displays is to copy one of Simpleway provided ready-to-use content templates and assign it to your connected display. 

In addition to Templates created in the Simpleway designer, you can directly assign videos and images (from the media library)schedules and playlists  to your displays.

Topics covered
  • Templates tab - Content templates, 
  • Displays tab - Content assignment on display


A)  Open a pre-defined template.

  1. Open the Templates tab located under Contents.
  2. Open the SIMPLEWAY TEMPLATES folder. 
B)  Choose a Simpleway template.

  1. Find a template you require.
  2. Click on the three dots button on the right-hand side of the chosen template and select Copy Latest to copy the template to your workspace. 
C) A new window with folder structure will appear where your new template should be copied to.

  1. Select a folder and click on the Copy button.

Note: You can easily create your folder management structure.

D) A new Copy item window appears.

  1. Name your template copy.
  2. Click the Save button.

Note: The resolution and orientation must match the resolution of the display for which the template is copiedWhen you copy a template, its resolution and orientation are displayed and are available for modification, but you should not change them unless it is necessary, as this would require a complete redesign of the copied template in the template Designer.

E) Click the copied content template to open the Designer and view its layout.

Note: The template is created but not yet ready for your display; it is not yet published. Separating the Save function and Publish function enables you to prepare template changes but publish them to the assigned displays at a later point. 
F)  Finishing up.

  1. Check the layout and click on the Save & Publish button to save your first template.
  2. Click on the Exit Designer button to exit.
    Note: Before any changes become visible on your displays, they need to be published using the Save & Publish button.  
G) Assigning Content.

Open the Displays tab and click on one of your connected displays to assign your new content template:
  1. Under Content assignment, click the upload icon in the grey box of the Normal mode to assign content when scrolling over the box. 
  2. Select Templates in a new Assign content sub-window.
  3. Select your content in a new Contents sub-window. Resolution match is suggested for correct content rendering
  4.  Click the Save button.
Note: You can not just assign Templates to your displays but also directly schedules, playlists or videos and images. 
H) Check your SimpleVue installation to see your content.

1. Open the SimpleVue window on your desktop, and you should see the assigned template. 

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