Assign media directly to a display
  • 20 Jun 2023
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Assign media directly to a display

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Article summary

To assign a media file directly to a display, you only need to have a display configured in the Displays tab. You do not need to upload files in the Media Library tab beforehand, as you can upload them directly during the media assignment process in the Displays tab, which we will cover in this tutorial.

Topics covered
  • Displays tab - Content assignment on display
  • Media library


Prerequisite: You need to have a connected display device - follow Connect and configure Displays

A) Assigning Content.

Open the Displays tab and click on one of your connected displays to assign your new content template:
  1. Hover mouse cursor over the grey box of the Normal mode under the Content assignment section and click the upload icon.
B) Select the Media option in a new Assign content sub-window.
C) A new Media library window opens:

  1. Click the Upload button and select an image or a video from your working station. The uploaded media will be added to the Media library. 
  2. Select the uploaded media item from the Media library by clicking on the item or button Choose.

Note: If the resolution of your display does not match the resolution of the selected media, you will be notified by a warning message. In this case, black bars will appear around the media after you save the display configuration.

D) Your media is assigned and you can click the Save button to save your display configuration.

Your display content is assigned and visible on your display device. 

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