Announcement history
  • 09 Apr 2024
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Announcement history

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Article Summary

Detailed information about all triggered announcements can be found in the announcement history of the system on the Queue tab. Each row in the Queue tab list represents a user-run announcement or a system-run scheduled announcement. The Queue tab allows you to perform various actions on the announcement list, such as filtering and sorting, as well as specific actions on announcement items, such as downloading or replaying an announcement or stopping its playback. 

Filter and sort functions

Announcements can be filtered and sorted across all existing table categories by clicking on the filter and sort icons next to each column header:

FilterFilters the announcement list by selected elements within the selected category (column name).
SortSorts the announcement list by selected category (column name) in ascending or descending order.

Announcement states description

Each announcement in the list will have one of the following states under the STATE column:

DONEAnnouncement was successfully played in accordance with trigger into selected zones and in selected languages.
FAILEDAnnouncement could not be played due to technical issues.
See Audio configuration tutorials for troubleshooting. 
PROCESSINGDuring announcement transmission this status is visible in "Queue" tab.
WAITINGAnnouncement was not played yet as announcements triggered earlier or with higher priority are in the queue before this announcement. The announcement will be played once the announcements before in line are finished.
CANCELLEDAnnouncement was stopped/cancelled on the decision of the user.
INTERRUPTEDAnnouncement was interrupted by higher priority announcement.
Note: Only used when more than one paging priority is configured.
EXPIREDAnnouncements waiting in the queue for more than 15 minutes (default configuration) due to busy zone/s are outdated and will not be played anymore.

Action buttons

Action buttons are located at the bottom of the page. The red buttons stop playback of waiting or partially played announcements and are only available when a selected announcement item is in the PROCESSING or the WAITING state. 

ReplayReplays the selected announcement with the same configuration.
DownloadDownloads the selected announcement as an mp3 file to your working station.
Opens a new detail window with information about the queue item.
Stop immediatelyStops the playback of the announcement that has already started playing and is in a processing state.
Stop after playing the languageAn announcement that has already started playing in the selected zones will be stopped when the current transmitted language ends.

Topics covered
  • Queue tab


A) Announcement history in the Queue tab.
In the Queue tab, you can find all triggered announcements with their status:

  1. Open the Queue tab.
  2. Find your most recently triggered announcement at the top of the list. 

Note: By default, the announcement list is sorted in descending order by the date and time of announcement playback (by column header "CREATED").

B) Action buttons during announcement processing or waiting states

  1. Click the announcement item in the Processing or Waiting state.
  2. Click the Stop immediately button to stop the playback of the announcement immediately or click Stop after playing language button to stop the playback of the announcement after the current transmitted language ends.

Note: When the announcement playback is stopped its state changes to "Cancelled".
C) Action buttons - Replay and Download

  1. Click the announcement item.
  2. Click the Download button. The selected announcement will be downloaded to your working station.
  3. Click the Replay button. The announcement will replay with the same configurations, such as zones, languages, priority, and flight-related data.

D) Action buttons - Detail

  1. Select the announcement item.
  2. Click the Detail button. A new Detail window opens. Different sections are filled in, depending on the announcement type. 

  • General information - Basic identification and details of the announcement. Originator is the user triggering the announcement.
  • Note - Queue note which can be inserted for announcements triggered from Ad hoc announcements and Paging tab to add the reason or additional information.
  • Announcement status - Information about paging success, duration, zones and zone custom fields.
  • Announcement text Transcript of announcement text per language.
  • Trip information - Information about the trip if relevant.
  • Additional information - Further relevant information mainly for support and debugging.
E) Filter and sort functions

  1. Click the filter icon next to the desired column header and select variables by which you want to filter the announcement list, then click Apply button. You can also find the variables you want using the filter search box.
  2. Click the arrow icon next to the desired column header to sort the announcement list. Clicking on the icon again changes the sorting order.

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