Ad hoc announcements - Text to speech with visual
  • 21 Jun 2023
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Ad hoc announcements - Text to speech with visual

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The Text to Speech with visual page on the Ad hoc announcements tab allows users to use the Text to Speech (TTS) feature of the Simpleway solution, which converts typed text into an audio announcement that can then be sent to the desired audio zones and its visual part to the display areas for playback. This means that you must select zones that include both audio device outputs and display configurations before playing the announcement. Templates with a visual paging component must be assigned to these displays, as described in the Visual paging tutorial.

Topics covered
  • Ad hoc announcements tab


A) To create the announcemet:
  1. Open the Ad hoc announcements tab and switch to the Text to speech with visual page.
  2. Select languages for which you want to write the text to speech content. Announcement content box becomes available for each selected language.
  3.  Type the text to speech content in the content box.

B)  Listen to your announcement: 
  1. By clicking the button with the "ear" icon you can preview the announcement for each selected language. During the preview, the button icon changes from "ear" to "stop". Pressing the button again stops the preview.
  2. Set how long a visual message should be shown on the displays. 
  3. Select zones by ticking the respective checkboxes where you want your recording to be transmitted.
C) Push the announcement for playing: 
  1. (optional) – Select the Repetition type and configure the repetition settings. Described in more detail below.
  2. (optional) – Select the Priority with which your recording will be queued up for playback among other announcements.
  3. Click the Play button.

The announcement starts to be heard in the selected zones unless the selected are occupied by another announcement that has higher or equal priority.

D) Setting a repetition of the recording:

Users are able to set different basic repetition settings by selecting the desired mode in the Repetition type dropdown. 

  • None – the announcement will be played one time once the user clicks on the Play button.
  • Multiple times – the announcement will be played immediately once the user clicks on the Play button, and then it will repeat multiple times according to the set repetition. All scheduled announcement repetitions will be visible in the list on the Planned announcements tab as individual items. The maximum time limit for scheduling ahead of the current time is 180 minutes.

E) Detailed information about the triggered announcement can be found on the Queue tab - see tutorial Announcement history.

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