Using Built-in Paging Dashboard
  • 23 Feb 2024
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Using Built-in Paging Dashboard

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Article Summary

To use the built-in paging dashboard of the micnode2 microphone station, configure zones in the Q-SYS designer micnode2 plugin.

  1. Go to micnode2 plugin Properties Make sure the design is disconnected.
  2. Set the Enable Paging config value to “Yes”.
  3. Define the desired number of Zone Group Count:
  4. Save to core & Run  your design and the open the micnode2 plugin.
  5. Configure zone buttons in the plugin window in the Buttons configuration part:

Zones are now ready to use in micnode2 microphone station.


Announcement Triggering

Once the network settings and configuration including zones are set in Q-SYS designer, Live paging can be triggered with the PTT button.

IMPORTANTWhich mode is used depends on Paging configuration of your micnode2 device in Q-SYS designer.

A. Select zone/s:

  • Green zones are selected for paging,
  • Grey are not selected for paging.



B. Talk/Start button

Press the Talk/Start button on the microphone side.



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